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Steve Stewart Show-09-21-2023

09/21/2023--today we concentrate on blueprint projects for economic development money.

Sep 25 | 40:46

Steve Stewart Show-09-19-2023

09/19/2023--Steve looks at the Blueprint inter-governmental meeting and funding some of the government projects, including soft projects including a 10 million dollar project on the south side of town. Steve will also review funds through the small grant program for non-profits in the capital county. Plus the Amazon Grand opening and the Commissioners who did not go to the grand opening.

Sep 20 | 40:26

Steve Stewart Show-09-14-2023

09/14/2023--Steve talks about Budget shortages and how those shortages could be met using Star Metro

Sep 15 | 40:30

Steve Stewart Show-09-12-2023

09/12/2023--Cool weather in the forecast? City Commission meeting this Wednesday and a Steve Stewart Op-Ed on how to straighten out the tax increase and cover other options. Emergency Resolution in front of the Commission, Steve Reviews the language of making national issues into local resolutions because of...Climate Change? We'll review the Ryan Ray/ Evan Power debate. We will alto talk about the agendas of both city and county meetings. Employment rates increase, and a 7000 workforce increase.

Sep 13 | 40:34

Steve Stewart Show-09-07-2023

09/07/2023--Steve reviews the Climate resolution committee. Questions submitted by board members for how we will be using those Funds. Violent Crimes Incidents including a 1 year old child stabbed. Are the violent crime workshops working? Steve dives into the Hyper local news!

Sep 08 | 40:31

Steve Stewart Show-09-05-2023

09/05/2023-Steve is in studio looking at how the City is dealing with the homeless population. Crime numbers are on the rise. Growth management within the City and looking at how our infrastructure and what Developers do to make projects fit. We'll jump into the pages of Tallahassee Reports and review stories from the Capital County, and how a Labor day event lined up to collect donations for the homeless and veterans was taken over by political stumping.

Sep 06 | 40:28

Steve Stewart Show FULL 8-24-2023

"Steve Stewart Show FULL 8-24-2023".

Aug 31 | 41:02

Steve Stewart Show FULL 8-31-2023

"Steve Stewart Show FULL 8-31-2023".

Aug 31 | 41:01

Steve Stewart Show-08-17-2023

08/17/2023--Business owners, the homeless and the hidden cost of not addressing the homeless issue. Coaching issue at Leon High School, and why they did not report the issue at the time of the incident.

Aug 18 | 40:35

Steve Stewart Show 08-15-2023

In Today's show Steve Stewart discusses the investigative report that led to the removal of Leon High School Volleyball Coach and reports on last weeks crime incidents. During the last segment, Stewart is joined by the Head of Tallahassee's Parks Department, Ashley Edwards

Aug 15 | 40:30

Steve Stewart Show-08-10-2023

08/10/2023--De Santis removes elected Florida Prosecutor. Update on recent murder on John Knox Rd. City Commissioner Jack Porter's response. A.P. Psychology in Leon County Schools. The Leon High School Gymnasium Renovation and more!

Aug 10 | 40:36

Steve Stewart Show-08-08-2023

08/08/2023--Steve talks violent crime in the Capital County, and Commissioner Porters point of view on law enforcement and tax increases and a taste of Commissioner Matlow's voting history. Leon High School Volleyball Coach removed from the position. Steve talks about the system that holds coaches accountable. Steve gives his theory on why the investigation was cut short. Brian Welch and the proposed Northeast park. Steve will review the budget and amenities and the letter sent to Killearn residents. Steve reviews other amenities that could go in the proposed space. Another red crime week. Steve breaks down the numbers.

Aug 09 | 40:35

Steve Stewart Show-08-03-2023

08/03/2023--TPD Police Chief Lawrence Revell joins Steve today regarding crime and the relevance of the local relevance of the NAACP wanting to hire more Police Officers in Oakland CA. Challenges he's faced and the tone for how people feel about the Police and the effect on African American Communities. We'll talk crime rates, taxes and growth around the Airport plans.

Aug 04 | 40:45

Steve Stewart Show-08-01-2023

08/01/2023--Unfortunate crime rise, with murders, automotive theft and more issues. Immigration, New York Mayor agrees with DeSantis. Notable construction permits for the Capital County. The controversy between not enough and too many Police Officers.

Aug 02 | 40:27

Steve Stewart Show-07-27-2023

07/27/2023-Steve has the latest jobs report, as well as Airport news. We'll talk with Commissioner Minor in an open forum, the homeless issues, crime and the North East park. Leon County School Meeting briefs, who voted for what, as well as hyper local issues regarding your children's education. Don't miss the fun!

Jul 27 | 40:27

Steve Stewart Show-07-25-2023

07/25/2023-- School board background on banning of certain books. City related issues, including a commitment from Mayor John Daily to GSLEN. Crime report for the week, and the implications of violent crime in the area. Children's millage rate vs the rollback rate.

Jul 25 | 40:43

Steve Stewart Show-07-20-2023

07/20/2023- Commissioner Curtis Richardson files for re-election, Mayor Daily signs for LGBTQ Rights. Continuing coverage on the "Turf Wars" regarding LCS turf fields in the Capital County and the costs for up-keep. Coaching woes and the processes for hiring people for athletics, but not giving the same benefits to Teachers. FSU Professor fired regarding doctoring methodologies.

Jul 20 | 40:36

Steve Stewart Show-07-18-2023

07/18/2023- Homelessness OP-ED, Editorial break-downs, name calling in the City and County Commissions, School Board members talking about a personal training position in school for 80K, violent crime averages and a new way to compile the data weekly!

Jul 18 | 40:35

Steve Stewart Show-07-13-2023

07/13/2023-Chiles Football Coach woes continue, Interim Coach appointed, and timeline on when and how story progresses. More books removed from Florida Libraries. More on the homeless issues and the signs going up at high volume intersections. Plus right to use Public School facilities for exercise after hours! don't miss it!!

Jul 14 | 40:41

Steve Stewart Show-07-11-2023

07/11/2023- Back in the Saddle again! Crime Comparisons between Tallahassee and Chicago. Statistics on how the Capital County is doing. Breakdown on recent murder. Tax increase for Officers and why not to add increase. Hypocrisy and mis-information of politicians and the progressive comments that just don't add up. The Leon County Commission meeting today at 3PM, Steve reviews monetary distributions for health and human services. Don't miss it!

Jul 12 | 40:51

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