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Greg Tish is often referred to as “The Mayor of Tallahassee.” 
Lifelong Tallahasseean and host of The Greg Tish Show, Greg Tish has won over a dozen local awards for his entertainment work in Tallahassee including winning “The Best of Tallahassee” award for Radio Personality for the last six years in a row. His passion for the community and the region shines through his work in radio and beyond the airwaves. His large social media following also compliments his presence on the air at Real Talk 93.3. Greg not only talks about the news but also creates the news with his guests and his wide variety of topics on his popular morning show in Tallahassee.
Producer Mattie Ro was born and raised in Tallahassee and has been producing the show for two years now. Mattie and Greg met years ago when they first got into radio. Mattie’s quick wit and technical skills have helped the show grow tremendously.

09-21-23-The Greg Tish Show

Huge show filled with winners and Interviews! Dr Fenn and Dr Lord play FLA or Nay, Shannon keeps us up to date on Culture POP, Lt. Theresa Howard is in to talk about The Hispanic Resource Festival, and to play Give me a Second, Plus Smitty calls in to talk about Octoberfest!

Sep 21 | 1:57:54

09-20-23-The Greg Tish Show

It's a guest heavy Wednesday, with Congressman Michael Waltz, Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson, The Hyper Local News Hound, Steve Stewart, and Bill Shack and Ricky Wagner for Inclusion Cafe! Plus double prizes on the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Wheel of Food!!

Sep 20 | 1:57:45

09-19-23-The Greg Tish Show LO

Fun Tuesday show with TCC Tuesday, Dana Brooks and Jamie McClenny!

Sep 20 | 1:57:52

09-18-23-The Greg Tish Show

Happy hot Monday! We are happy to have Wayne Hooks in to talk about Wreathes Across America, and Sean Noles joins the MVP's! Happy Monday!

Sep 18 | 1:57:45

09-15-23-The Greg Tish Show

Great Friday show with Brien Seorne, Phil from Kraft Brothers Automotive, Dana and Terry on Free Talk Friday, and Jay Revell on the Back Swing!

Sep 15 | 1:57:59

09-14-23-The Greg Tish Show

It's the winningest day of the week with Dr Fenn and Dr Lord! We' FLA or NAY, And introduce Shannon's POP Culture! Then TFD PIO Todd Insera plays give me a second and talks about fire safety!

Sep 14 | 1:57:51

09-13-23-The Greg Tish Show

Fun Show today with Greg and Mattie. The guys review the MLB contest and get rid of half the field. Steve Stewart talks hyper local news, and discussions on TCC's name change.

Sep 13 | 1:58:09

09-11-23-The Greg Tish Show

Greg and Mattie welcome Dr Thompson from TOC for the Orthopedic Minute, Dr. Hollinger and Dr. Perkins from the Florida Civil Rights Museum, Todd Sperry joins the MVP's and Phil Sura tells about his Deer Encounter last week!

Sep 11 | 2:01:18

09-08-23-The Greg Tish Show

Great Friday Show in store for you with Brien Seorne, Phil from Kraft Brothers Dealerships, Terry and Thomas are compared to a pizza, and Jay Revel Talks about the history between FSU and Southern Mississippi. Happy weekend!

Sep 08 | 1:58:35

09-07-23-The Greg Tish Show

Back with the winningest day of the week! Dr Fenn and Dr Lord join us for Shannon's "Pop culture Segment, FLA or NAY, and the Fennominal Health Segment! The the LCSO Public Information Officer Angela Greene joins us and plays Give me a second! Plus Smitty's on the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Wheel of Food!

Sep 07 | 1:57:51

09-06-23-The Greg Tish Show

Halfway through the work week, and we've got Congressman Michael Waltz, Florida Agriculture Wilton Simpson, and the Hyper Local News Hound himself, Steve Stewart! Major League Baseball standings, the new "Monday Morning Quarterback" game, The Foodies Take-out and Delivery Double Spin and Tasty Pastry Bakery on the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Wheel of Food!

Sep 06 | 1:58:21

09-05-23-The Greg Tish Show

The Tuesday show is full of AWESOME! Greg and Mattie talk with Athletic Director Chuck Moore on TCC Tuesday! Dana Brooks and Terry Maddigan talk Mug Shots and Habana's Boardwalk is on the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Wheel of Food!

Sep 05 | 1:58:17

09-04-23-The Greg Tish Show

Welcome back Mattie RO! We are live once again with an Awesome Monday Show with Barbara Goldstein from the Holocaust Education Resource Council with the MVP's. A tribute to Jimmy Buffett, Baseball Scores, FSU Football Review and Jorts!!

Sep 04 | 1:48:11

08-18-23-The Greg Tish Show

Awesome Friday Show! Brien Seorne Talks Tallahassee, Phil from Kraft Brothers Dealerships prepares for this weekend's deals, Dana Terry and Thomas have their coconut cake and eat it too on Free Talk Friday and Hugh Tomlinson joins us from Pensacola for the Tallahassee Quarterback Club!

Aug 18 | 1:58:08

08-17-23-The Greg Tish Show

Thursdays are for WINNERS! We have Dr Fenn and Dr Lord in for the Fennominal Segment and to play FLA or NAY! Todd Insera takes on Give me a Second, but he's no fool! He enlisted the help of Captain Anthony Espoza! Don't miss it!!

Aug 17 | 1:58:22

08-16-23-The Greg Tish Show

Happy Halfway through your work week! We have the Hyper-Local News Hound himself Steve Stewart on the show! and Gabe from Summerbrook goes full Chubbs (a' la Happy Gilmore) on golf lessons for Mattie! Don't miss it!!

Aug 16 | 1:58:18

08-15-2023-TCC Tuesday with TCC President Jim Murdaugh

Big news on the horizon for Tallahassee Community College! You heard it here FIRST!

Aug 15 | 20:32

08-15-23-The Greg Tish Show

Great Tuesday Show with breaking news from TCC President Jim Murdaugh! Dana and Terry chop it up on a real conversation, plus all the weird and crazy stories you love! Don't miss it!

Aug 15 | 1:58:22

08-14-23-The Greg Tish Show

Happy Monday! Amazing show today, with Florida Highway Patrol PIO PJ Shaw Talking about school safety! The TOC Orthopedic Minute Features Dr. Walters and the amazing ACL! The MVPs talk about A.L.I.C.E. in Leon County! The Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Wheel of food and the Foodies Take-out and Delivery Double Spin!

Aug 14 | 1:58:27

08-10-23-The Greg Tish Show

Big Show full of winning! Dr Fenn and Dr Lord are up their old "Shenannigans" while playing FLA or NAY! and the LCSO PIO Angela Green flies high above Tallahassee Roadways on the First day of School to Play Give Me a Second! The Foodies Take out and Delivery Double Spin--PLUS! The Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Wheel of Food!

Aug 10 | 1:58:17

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