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Greg Tish is often referred to as “The Mayor of Tallahassee.

Lifelong Tallahasseean and host of The Greg Tish Show, Greg Tish has won over a dozen local awards for his entertainment work in Tallahassee including winning “The Best of Tallahassee” award for Radio Personality for the last six years in a row. His passion for the community and the region shines through his work in radio and beyond the airwaves. His large social media following also compliments his presence on the air at Real Talk 93.3. Greg not only talks about the news but also creates the news with his guests and his wide variety of topics on his popular morning show in Tallahassee.

Producer Mattie Ro was born and raised in Tallahassee and has been producing the show for two years now. Mattie and Greg met years ago when they first got into radio. Mattie’s quick wit and technical skills have helped the show grow tremendously.

07-17-24-The Greg Tish Show

Fun Wednesday show with Steve Stewart in Studio and Wilton Simpson and Evan Power from the Republican National Convention!

Jul 17 | 1:58:28

07-16-24-The Greg Tish Show

It's a day of doubles on TSC Tuesday! Candice Grouse and Dana Brooks join us for the TSC Segment, singing the praises of the TSC Hall of Fame! Then Dana stays on for a Real Conversation!

Jul 16 | 1:57:54

07-15-24-The Greg Tish Show

Great Monday Show with At your Service and Evan Power from the Republican National Convention floor!

Jul 15 | 1:56:05

07-10-24-The Greg Tish Show

Happy halfway through the week, with lots of great guests, Steve Stewart form, Mark Lowe and Ingraham Smith form Grassroos and the Battles End respectively, plus Candidate for Leon County Judge Seat 4, LaShawn Riggins!

Jul 10 | 1:58:08

07-04-24-The Greg Tish Show

Happy Fourth of July! Fun show With Ellen Hutsell and Will Blanton from the CDA, Plus the McLemore boys share 4th of July BBQ tips!

Jul 04 | 1:58:22

07-02-24-The Greg Tish Show

It's the Inaugural TSC Tuesday! lots of fun for today with Wayne Hooks, Dana and Terry too!

Jul 02 | 1:58:16

07-01-24-The Greg Tish Show

Happy Monday! First day of the week, first day of the month! FHP PIO PJ Shaw joins us to talk 4th of July travel safety and David Herringer from Infinity Con is here to talk about the big event at the Tucker Center this weekend!!

Jul 01 | 1:58:29

06-27-24-The Greg Tish Show

Fun Thursday show with the Lord Of Culture POP! Dr Fenn and Dr Lord on the Fenn-ominal Health Segment, and the LCSO's very own Brad Janowski!

Jun 27 | 1:58:13

06-24-24-The Greg Tish Show

Mondays are for Service! Featuring Bill Eichhoffer and David Bellamy!

Jun 26 | 1:58:11

06-25-24-The Greg Tish Show

Fun TCC Tuesday with Nick Vick and Amy Bentley! Plus Dana and Terry have a Real Conversation!

Jun 26 | 1:58:14

06-26-24-The Greg Tish Show

Happy Wednesday! Great show with Congressman Michael Waltz, Steve Stewart from Tallahassee Reports and From the RPOF, Evan Power and Bill Helmich!

Jun 26 | 1:58:28

06-21-24-The Greg Tish Show

Fun Friday show with Brien Sorne, Phil from the Kraft Brothers Dearships, a Dana-centric Free Talk Friday, and Music Legend Don Mclean!

Jun 21 | 1:57:52

06-18-24-The Greg Tish Show

TCC Tuesday has Jessica Griffin, Latoria Mordicai and Daisy Garcia for the Adult Education Program. And Dana and Terry are here for a real conversation!

Jun 18 | 1:58:26

06-17-24-The Greg Tish Show

Fun Monday with PJ Shaw, James Call, and At Your Service!

Jun 17 | 1:58:27

06-13-24-The Greg Tish Show

Thursday is the winningest day of the week with the Lord of Culture Pop, Fennominal Health, the Movie Clip Game, LCSO Sgt Paul Emmons, Give me a Second, and the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Wheel of Food!!

Jun 13 | 1:57:52

06-12-24-The Greg Tish Show

halfway through the work week with Congressman Michael Waltz, Steve Stewart, DIY Hacks with G8tr, and Dine for Disaster with Sandi Poreda

Jun 12 | 1:56:52

06-10-24-The Greg Tish Show

Amazing Monday show with County Commissioner Curtis Richardson, and Jennifer Carter from TPRNA! Plus the Voice of Randy Travis, James Dupre!

Jun 11 | 1:58:19

06-11-24-The Greg Tish Show

TCC Tuesday features Alexis Howard from talking about the Drone Program at Wakulla Environmental Institute, and Dana Has a real conversation from the Big Chair!

Jun 11 | 1:57:34

06-06-24-The Greg Tish Show

Fun show on the Winningest day of the week! The Lord of Culture Pop talks the Bachelor lineup, the Fennominal Health Segment talks about Dad Bods, and TFD's Chief Jones talks fire safety!

Jun 06 | 1:57:56

06-04-24-The Greg Tish Show

Happy TCC Tuesday! We have Heather Mitchell in to talk scholarships and the transition from TCC to TSC! Dana and Terry have a real conversation about COVID, and I <3 Mattie Ro Sticker talk!

Jun 04 | 1:57:32

The Greg Tish Show