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Greg Tish is often referred to as “The Mayor of Tallahassee.” 
Lifelong Tallahasseean and host of The Greg Tish Show, Greg Tish has won over a dozen local awards for his entertainment work in Tallahassee including winning “The Best of Tallahassee” award for Radio Personality for the last six years in a row. His passion for the community and the region shines through his work in radio and beyond the airwaves. His large social media following also compliments his presence on the air at Real Talk 93.3. Greg not only talks about the news but also creates the news with his guests and his wide variety of topics on his popular morning show in Tallahassee.
Producer Mattie Ro was born and raised in Tallahassee and has been producing the show for two years now. Mattie and Greg met years ago when they first got into radio. Mattie’s quick wit and technical skills have helped the show grow tremendously.

02-19-24-The Greg Tish Show

Huge Monday/Presidents Day Show! We have Jim and Chris from the Shamrock Scurry! Debra Jump from Dining in the Dark, And jmg8tor from Tik Tok !

Feb 19 | 1:57:50

02-13-24-The Greg Tish Show

Happy Fat Tuesday! We've got TCC Baseball Head Coach Bryan Henry and Terry Maddigan in for a real Conversation!

Feb 13 | 1:57:56

02-12-24-The Greg Tish Show

Happy Monday! We talk with Kerri Post from Visit Tallahassee on At Your Service! Plus James Call from the Tallahassee Democrat for the Tallahassee 200!

Feb 12 | 1:57:58

02-09-24-The Greg Tish Show

It's a Superb Owl Friday Celebration! We Talk with Brien Seorne who has a great conversation with Mark Early! Phil From the Kraft Brothers Dealerships joins us via phone. Akin Akinyemi and Meghan Poskey from the Leon County Property Appraisers Office! Superbowl Legend Brad Johnston, and Jay Revel hunts for the Wakulla volcano on the Back Swing!

Feb 09 | 1:57:53

02-08-24-The Greg Tish Show

Great Thursday Show with The Lord of Culture Pop! The New "Name that Movie" Game, Dr Lord in for the Fenn-ominal Health Segment, LCSO's Jimmy Goodman, and Give Me a Second!

Feb 08 | 1:57:29

02-07-24-The Greg Tish Show

Awesome Wednesday show with Steve Stewart and all the stories from the City of Tallahassee and beyond!

Feb 07 | 1:58:00

02-06-24-The Greg Tish Show

Terrific Tuesday show with TCC Softball Head Coach Brynn Baca! Dana and Terry have a Real Conversation, and Jamie McClenny Covers Your Assets!

Feb 06 | 1:57:56

02-05-24-The Greg Tish Show

Back in for a Monday Fun-day!! Plus the inaugural "Thank you for your Service" Segment!

Feb 05 | 1:58:05

02-02-24-The Greg Tish Show

Today we celebrate the life of Head Coach Mike Martin Sr. We talk with Brien Sorne, Phil from the Kraft Brothers Dealerships. TCC Head Coach Mark Henry and the voice of FSU Seminole Baseball Eric Luallen share stories about 11, and Thomas and Terry hold court on Free Talk Friday!

Feb 02 | 1:57:49

01-31-24-The Greg Tish Show

Great Wednesday show with Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson, and Tallahassee Reports' Hyper Local Editor in Chief, Steve Stewart!

Jan 31 | 1:58:08

01-30-24-The Greg Tish Show

Happy TCC Tuesday! Today we talk with Anthony Jones, as he shares the 2024 Cherry Hall Alexander African American History Calendar! Dana and Terry talk Arctic Swans and Federal Lawsuits, while Jamie McClenny Covers Your Assets!

Jan 30 | 1:58:12

01-29-24-The Greg Tish Show

Great Monday show to get you started with your day, fun stories, and a great interview with Scott Hunter for Night to Shine!!

Jan 29 | 1:58:04

01-26-24-The Greg Tish Show

Happy Friday Everyone! Brien Sorne joins us, and Phil from the Kraft Brothers Dealerships. Plus Thomas and Terry enjoy a lively conversation on Free talk Friday!!

Jan 26 | 1:57:52

01-24-24-The Greg Tish Show

Wonderful Wednesday show with Congressman Michael Waltz, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson, and Editor In Chief Steve Stewart from Tallahassee Reports!

Jan 24 | 1:57:40

01-23-24-The Greg Tish Show

Big Tuesday show with TCC Tuesday featuring The Florida College Systems Council of Presidents, with President Ed Meadows from Pensacola State College and President Jeffrey Albritten from Florida Southwestern State College! Dana and Terry have an uplifiting conversation about balloons, and Jamie waits for the bubble to burst on Cover Your Assets!

Jan 23 | 1:58:08

01-22-24-The Greg Tish Show

Great monday Show with FHP PIO PJ Shaw! And from Survive and and Thrive Advocacy Center, Robin Hassler-Thompson!

Jan 22 | 1:58:08

01-19-24-The Greg Tish Show

Happy Friday! Brien Sorne, Phil from the Kraft Brothers Dealerships and Thomas and Terry on today's show!

Jan 19 | 1:58:54

01-18-24-The Greg Tish Show

Happy winningest day of the week! We have Dr Fenn and Dr Lord, Todd Inserra from the TFD and Ellen Hutsell from the CDA!

Jan 18 | 1:58:22

01-17-24-The Greg Tish Show

Halfway through the week, and we check in with Steve Stewart!

Jan 17 | 1:57:53

01-16-24-The Greg Tish Show

The show is 10 times better today, because Mattie has to keep his trap shut! Thankfully he had some pretty amazing announcers waiting in the wing! TCC Tuesday, Dana and Terry, and Jamie McClenny on the Show!

Jan 16 | 1:57:28

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